A new technique for bariatric surgery

In RD thousands of these procedures are performed annually and about 20 deaths are known

SANTO DOMINGO. The number of obese people is increasing in the Dominican Republic and thereby increases bariatric surgery with more than 1,000 operations per year since they began in 2006.

One of the pioneers of these interventions is Dr. Abel R. Gonzalez Canada, who eight months ago developed a new surgical technique called Applicator of Curvature Mayor in the Stomach, which ensures has less risk than other fashion procedures, such as Manga, or Gastric Bypass, and recently used in the United States.

On a visit to DL, the renowned surgeon explains that the novelty of the Applicator involves wrapping the stomach into two layers without cutting and has the advantage that the patient is not at risk of perforations may be discharged the day after the procedure and it is cheaper and with magnificent results. Iran is where the technique began.

Both the new technique as other surgical procedures are recommended only for people with morbid obesity because it eliminates diabetes and hypertension.

Canada González recommends bariatric surgery or the Applicator for patients with a BMI of over 35%; they need to lower their weight to be healthy, not to look cute. He has performed about 600 surgeries with zero deaths.

The cost of the procedure ranges between the US $ 8.000 and the US $ 11.000. The technique promotes the surgeon could reduce the process in the US $ 6,000.

The results of Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Metabolic Syndrome study in the Dominican Republic (EFI card II) determined that 26% of Dominicans have obesity problems, hence, that the surgeon feels that bariatric surgery could be included in the Dominican System Social Security (SDSS).

The process of losing weight takes a year or year and a half. During the first month, they lost 20 pounds, after 8 to 10 pounds per month.

8 Simple Ways to Improve your Health

Have you wanted to improve your health and you do not know how to go about it? Here are 8 simple ways that can help you achieve that goal.

1. Learn How to Play the Drums
According to psychotherapists, drumming relieves stress and is also fun. If you have deadlines that you are worried about, do not unleash the stress on your workmates. Instead, do that to the drums.

2. Avoid Energy Drinks
Health experts have linked some energy drinks to the high number of hospitalizations witnessed in the United States, some of which lead to death. Non-caffeinated energy boosts are a better option. Also, taking B vitamin, eating foods rich in proteins such as almonds and taking a cold shower are good alternatives to energy drinks.

3. Eat Breakfast
Always make time for breakfast. Skipping breakfast can make you extra hungry by lunchtime, and you end up overeating. A healthy breakfast can include lean protein, carbs high in fiber and some healthy fats. Also, you can try high fiber cereals and mix them with almonds, nonfat milk and a few slices of strawberry.

4. Quit Smoking
Smoking is a leading cause of stroke, cancer, heart disease as well as other health complications. According to research, quitting smoking by the age of 60 years may add three years to a person’s life while quitting by the age of 35 years may add 10 years. Besides, quitting smoking helps the person save more money.

5. Take Care of your Skin
You can treat the skin by watching what you eat. For example, tomatoes have lycopene which helps protect the skin from sun damage. On the other hand, dark chocolate has antioxidants that make the skin smoother. Foods such as spinach, mussels, and flaxseeds improve skin complexion.

6. Take Foods that Boost the Immune System
Yogurt has bacteria cultures believed to boost the immune system. Also, pumpkins have antioxidants such as beta carotene which helps keep harmful bacteria away. Therefore, consider mixing Greek yogurt with a tablespoon of pumpkin puree.

7. Get Enough Sleep
Experts recommend getting uninterrupted sleep for between 7 and 8 hours. According to research, cherries are among the few sources of natural sleep. Also, bananas contain magnesium and potassium, which help relax muscles and tryptophan, an amino acid that helps induce sleep.

8.Stop Telling Lies
Lying is bad for your health because it can lead to stress, headaches, a sad feeling, and sore throats. Spend time with honest people who can help you in learning how always to speak the truth and feel better about yourself.

Health And Fitness Information – Food For Your Health

Following a healthy diet is an important part of health and fitness. By following a healthy diet and eating healthy foods you can keep your body in good health as well as reducing signs of aging and keeping your heart in excellent shape. Many foods have been investigated and new health related properties have been found in many foods.

Portions can come into effect when dealing with foods that have healthy fat. Avocados are full of unsaturated fats which are important for heart health. However if you at too many avocados you can put on weight because you are still eating a food with fat. It is important to find the balance between eating enough avocados so that it benefits your heart but you do not put on any weight.

Nutritionists will tell you that whole grains are much better for you then processed foods, such as traditional white bread. If you were to compare a slice of whole grain bread with a slice of white bread you will find that they contain the same amount of calories. However the whole grain bread has more fiber and protein so it will satisfy you for longer. In this way you will eat less because you won’t get hungry as fast.

There are many different types of whole grains and you should try and replace processed grains with whole grains as often as possible. Some excellent examples of whole grains include barley, cracked wheat, bulgur, oatmeal, wild rice, popcorn, whole wheat products, buckwheat, millet and brown rice. If the whole grain is part of another product then make sure it is one of the first three ingredients in the ingredient list.

Some other foods that have hidden health benefits include celery with has tons of antioxidants. Additionally products with seaweed are excellent as excellent has a lot of potassium, nutrients and minerals. Another good source of protein are scallops as they are low in calories but are 80% protein.

Besides eating foods that are good for you, you also need to exercise regularly to keep your body in shape. Regular exercise keeps you mobile longer and keeps your heart and body in good condition. For the beast health you need to follow a healthy diet and exercise.

How to Attain Better Health

Millions of people all over the world are in constant pursuit of perfect health. Only a handful however, have an idea how to achieve this elusive status. This is true especially considering that vast majority of the world’s population now suffer and die from diseases that emerged only a few years ago. And, while complete ‘perfect health’ is almost impossible to attain, improving your health to get to some semblance of perfection is indeed possible, and you can get there by paying attention to and prioritizing your bodily demands, knowing the reason you want to live a healthier life and avoid consuming too much conflicting information.

Any health or fitness regimen can be effective if it prioritizes your body’s weak links. For instance, if your diet is healthy but other aspects of your health are not, your health may still suffer from these other aspects that you pay the least attention. Such factors can range from sleep, exercise, relationships and working conditions among others.

Almost everyone knows what they should do to get healthier; few however, go the extra mile to identify the real reasons behind the goals. Attaining healthier status is only possible if you outline the reasons behind the goal and revisit these every so often to ensure that you stay true to the motivation. It may help to write these down and place the reminder where you can see it often.

Health is a broad topic with a wide range of practitioners. All these seem to have something to tell you regarding what you can do to get in better shape. Taking every bit of information you come across may confuse you in the end. It may also lead to knowledge overload, which in turn leads to inaction because you cannot decide which information to act on since they are contradicting one another. To avoid knowledge overload, choose a single credible source and act on the information you acquire from this single source.