Using Biochar Production Equipment for Processing Biomass Waste to Charcoal

In forests and gardens, there are a lot of wood, branches, twigs, and leaves which are produced, which are otherwise wasted. In a similar manner in agriculture there is a lot of residue like straw, husk, and fruit shells which are left behind. Instead of wasting time and money disposing of this waste, it can be used for making charcoal, which has a wide range of applications. Hence farmers and business owners, who have access to a lot of organic and biomass waste are looking for a suitable biochar production equipment for sale which they can use to convert the biomass to valuable biochar.

Biochar Production Equipment
Biochar Production Equipment for Sale

There are a number of companies supplying equipment and each company also has different models available, so it is important to consider the biochar production technology before selecting a particular machine. One of the considerations while choosing the machine, is the kind of input that the machine will accept for making the biochar. Some machines will accept inputs of all sizes, and use a crusher and grinder to convert into smaller size particles which can be processed further. Other machines do not have a crusher and grinder section, the user should ensure that the inputs are of a smaller size.

For proper processing the size of the biomass particle should be 50 mm or less and the moisture level should also be 20% or less. Hence the crushed biomass is then passed through the dryer, where the moisture is removed from the biomass. It is then fed into the biochar heating furnace where the biomass is converted into biochar as it undergoes carbonization when heated at a high temperature. The temperature in the furnace is usually between 400 and 600-degree centigrade. The process of biomass pyrolysis plant is faster if the temperature is higher and the output will also be higher.

Charcoal Making Plant in Ukraine
Charcoal Making Plant in Ukraine

During the process of carbonization combustible gas and smoke is generated from the biomass. The smoke and gas in the furnace contains dust, sulphur , so it is subjected to desulphurization to remove the sulphur in the gas. A cyclone type dust collector and spray dust collector is then used to remove all the dust from the gas produced. This gas is then purified to produce wood vinegar, wood tar and combustible flue gas. The flue gas which is produced can then be used for the heating in the furnace and the drying of the biomass. This ensures that the biochar machine is self sufficient and does not require external energy sources.

At a temperature of more than 400 degree centigrade, the biomass in the furnace is carbonized and is converted into biochar through the process of pyrolysis. During pyrolysis, the biomass is heated at a high temperature, and the molecules are breaking down into the smaller molecules of the biochar and flue gas. Since the temperature of the biochar is high, it is then cooled to the room temperature. It is then discharged to the storage area, where it will be packed for further use. Some of the biochar may be used for heating the dryer section or the furnace initially when it is started.

The biochar produced contains more than 100 chemicals like nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, hence it is a valuable fertilizer, which can greatly increase the crop yield when used in agriculture or growing plants. The biochar also has a high calorific value, and can be used for heating furnaces for industrial applications. It can be also used for cooking, warming in homes and other places. The wood tar produced by cooling the gas, is used for a wide number of applications like waterproofing and making paints. The wood vinegar produced is used as a food preservative, for sterilization and medical applications.

It should be noted that the process of charcoal machine for sale is a continuous process and the machine owner should ensure that there is sufficient raw material for the machine to be run without being stopped. If the machine is stopped periodically due to lack of raw material, more fuel will be required since the furnace has to be heated initially from external sources. It should be noted that the process may vary depending on the raw material which is being used, if the moisture levels are higher, more time may be required to heat it in the dryer, so that the moisture is removed. For businesses generating a large amount of biomass, the machine could help generate an additional source of income.